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How to use: inspire email marketer Joining wireless network Basic It System Duplex INduction Training Phone Guide Duplex Lan Network

  • In this course you will learn on how to use telephone system to make calls to specific people

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  • This course will give you the information about Duplex network

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  • This course will provide a how to guide on how to use three systems needed for automatic marketing: Utbox automatic fax sender, Inspire automatic email marketer & how to use the CRM to send automated responses for particular enquires.

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  • This course will explain how to connect to the wireless network in Duplex's melbourne office, including information such as the network name, passwords needed and step by step instructions to connect any mobile, tablet or personal computer device.

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  • This course gives a basic outline of the IT programmes used to perform the majority of the tasks at Duplex Head Office in Northcote, Melbourne.

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  • Duplex Staff Induction Training

    Taking the Next Step as a new staff at Duplex

    Congratulations and welcome on becoming a member of the team at Duplex Cleaning Machines in Melbourne.

    This induction course will detail a host of information to help you learn about Duplex's business systems and operation, the staff' roles, products, markets, distributors and key business data.

    To navigate your way through the course, use the 'next' icon located at the top right hand corner of each slide, please wait approx 30 seconds so all the slides load correctly.

    This course outlines the overall structure,business development and management of Duplex Cleaning Machines.

    We hope you enjoy the training - please ask one of your collegues if you encounter any problems.

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  • This course will explain how to use the phone System in the Duplex Office, Melbourne.

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