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How to access campaigns using CRM
Operational Procedures
Product Manual
Codes of Franchising in Australia
Customer Relations
Marketing Fundamentals Direct Mail
Marketing Kit Emergency Management

  • This course contains a short video detailing how to access contacts in the campaign Module of the Duplex CRM.

    The purpose of this is so individual dealers are able to keep track of which industries are being targeted through national email campaigns and follow up with phone calls, visits, etc in a bid to attract more leads.

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  • This course details the list of product user manual in how to operate the selected cleaning machines

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  • In this course you will be taught in marketing fundamentals and concepts to help and guide you to perform and carry out the business successfully to reach the customers and convert leads into sales.

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  • This course explains how to prepare the sample database list of target market for direct mail

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    • In this course, you will have access to the links to download the Duplex generic templates for your promotional and marketingpurposes.
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  • Getting back to business after a disaster depends on preparedness planning done today. Small business owners invest a tremendous amount of time, money and resources to make their ventures successful. But while the importance of emergency planning may seem obvious, the task may get put off in the face of more pressing concerns. For small business owners, being prepared can mean staying in business following a disaster.

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