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  • The Duplex Healthcare Introductory Elearning Course gives a brief outline of the content available in other external courses designed for healthcare workers.

    It briefly looks at issues in the healthcare industry such as rates of hospital aquired infection and risks of chemical exposure, as well as demonstrating the most efficient cleaning tecniques and machinary.

    The Duplex range of Elearning courses is available free with the purchase of any of our products.

    These courses are a great tool for both building knowledge or revising.

    Also included is a range of competency tools such as quiz's and assignments to ensure every member of staff is fully trained and OHS complient.

    To scroll through the course, allow the pages to load for 90 seconds and use the navigation tools at the top left hand side of the page.

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  • Health care settings are complex environments that contain a large diversity of microbial flora, many of which may constitute a risk to the clients/patients/residents, staff and visitors in the environment. Transmission of microorganisms within a health care setting is intricate and very different from transmission outside health care settings and the consequences of transmission may be more severe.

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